Mirabai 2017 – Kelley Fox



Wat lichter en vrouwelijker nog dan de Ahurani.. Zo fragiel, subtiel en spannend. Supersexy Pinot Noir from the US of A.

‘Characteristic of 2017, the nose is beautifully perfumed. While there is (in its youth) a sense of fragility and nerviness, there is power that is more tensile in nature than in obvious structure or bulk. The Mirabai 2017 is an utterly transparent, light red with youthful, fuschia highlights at the edges. It is far deeper in flavor than the colour might suggest. It has the classic Maresh sun-warmed Hood strawberry and spice, with the classic Red Hills of Dundee silkiness, but this wine is fleet-footed, aerial, mercurial, and evokes flight, wind, and swift movement. Over time, this will likely be one of my most complex and age-worthy Mirabai’s to date.’ aldus Kelley Fox


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Streek:Oregon (USA)
Jaar: 2017
Druiven: Pinot Noir
Kleur: wit
Alcohol: 12.5%
Sulfiet: 30 mg / L
Drinken: nu – 10 jaar
Lekker bij: kip van de houtskool, lam